How to find a way to the world of colorful jewellery?

What is double-sided jewellery?

Before we jump to answering those most important questions, let's step back a bit and think about why we wear jewellery in the first place? Do remember when you were a little girl, you liked to try on your mother's dresses and shoes, but it was always the jewellery that caused the most excitement?

Earrings were always way too gigantic for your little ears, but still you felt beautiful when wearing them. Didn't you do that as a kid? Be honest! 

And even today, we admire women who adorn themselves with beautiful clothes and small accessory that can give so much.

Haven’t you had those moments sometimes when you stand in a queue at a store and see a beautiful woman and think to yourself - “Wow, where did she buy those earrings? She looks so great wearing them!”.  

We are women and we love jewellery, and that is a fact. Raise your hand if you do too!

We love to look pretty and beautiful or bold and outstanding, it is one of the main reasons for wearing earrings. Even on a bad day just put on your favourite jewellery piece and notch up your mood.

And since we are paying very much attention to our looks, then what helps us express our personality, complete an outfit or even make a statement? Well, you guessed it – jewellery, of course!


We want to help you to be dazzling!

A while ago we designed double-sided earrings so women could have variety - mix and match them with our charms to have a new look every day. When we say double-sided earrings, we mean the ones which can be worn with either side of them being in front. One side may be embellished with small crystals and have a gold-plated finishing while the other side may have those large bling-bling stones on a silvery background. Or vice versa.

And then realizing just how much value these earrings already give, why not take a step further and design double-sided charms as well? Really, why haven’t we done it already years ago? 

It took a while and the design needed inspiration, but here they are - our Tinies

Why Tinies, you might ask? Well, they are quite small, even tiny, compared to our “normal” charms.  But boy, do they have attitude! Tiny with character. And attitude is everything.

Dear Tiny, please make it DOUBLE

So, what’s so special about the Tinies? As you might have already guessed – they, too, are double-sided. We are not particularly fond of the term 2in1 but that is basically the idea and the most important feature - you get two totally different-looking earrings depending on which side you want to show to the world. On one side you will have a perfect cut gemstone in your favourite colour and on the other one a bunch of small sparkling crystals. Having a pair of Tiny charms actually enables you to create yourself several pairs of earrings.

There are just sooo many ways to mix and match them!

They come in 8 new colors to our collection (that’s right, we never had such colors before!) and in 3 different coatings. That includes rhodium plating, rosé gold and yellow gold plating. You can wear them whatever way you want! 



A world of colorful jewellery


Now, speaking of colors – are you one of those women who has thought about adding colorful jewellery to your collection but somehow have been just a little too shy to really start trying? The one, who has been slightly envious of the women who always seem to have a good taste for matching jewellery and clothes, combining wonderful color combinations?

Our Tinies might be the answer just for your trouble! As described before, they are quite small - so if you are hesitating, then going for a small colorful stone seems the most reasonable first step. Add just a little touch of color to the outfit to see if this is really something for you. Oh, and the best part – when you already have taken the first steps and find yourself going out with your girlfriends and start having doubts – you can always just switch the sides and hide the colorful stone to the back and bring the classical white crystals to the front!

But what about the price…?

Jewellery doesn’t have to be that expensive, though…just as long as it looks expensive. Tinies are pretty and classy charms that don’t require a big investment. With a starting price point of 59 EUR you will really sense the extra value of the double-sided Tiny charms.

And let's be honest, if you can save some money on jewellery, it's just a bonus.

…to, of course, buy some more jewellery! ;)

Tinies are not all the shiny newness coming to our collection. More new pieces will be added soon. 

So, stay tuned and sparkle!


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