About us

Marmara Sterling is more than a high-quality jewellery line - it’s a way for a contemporary woman to express herself with timeless and practical jewellery.


Established in 2012, Marmara Sterling is a true example of a brand that started out from a hobby. One of the founders and the current Head Designer, Grete Gribkovski, had a passion for jewellery design and felt the desire to tell her story, and transform the way people look and feel about the jewellery.

As a result of coming in third in a competition held by Swarovski, her family made an agreement with the well-known brand and started importing and reselling premium brand crystals in Estonia. As a natural course of events, the crystals Grete had been using in her own jewellery designs were replaced with Swarovski’s. Consequently, the combination of high-quality gems and her classical and timeless designs quickly made a way to women’s hearts.

Grete believes that the magic behind Marmara Sterling is the continuous strive to put the customer at the heart of everything they do, excite and surprise them with a little bit of fairy dust that brings each jewellery piece to life and lets the customer tell her unique story.


Marmara Sterling is a jewellery brand designed by women, for women.

Our women - the team, ambassadors, fans and the customers – they all inspire, shape and strive us. In return, in order to complement our style-conscious women and bring out their personalities, we do not hold back on colors and put the shine to the next level in our designs. We just want to ensure that women feel confident, elegant and feminine and emphasize the uniqueness of each of them.


Marmara Sterling’s jewellery should be a lasting worthwhile investment, not merely a trendy purchase. We promise to keep our production environment-friendly and thus 99% of the silver used in our jewellery is coming from recycled sources. All of our gift boxes carry the FSC label, which guarantees the consumer that boxes are made from recycled paper. Therefore, our goal is to combine high-quality materials with feminine and classical designs that would make a desirable combination for any occasion at a reasonable price.