Do you count yourself as a true fan of Marmara Sterling? If yes, then we can assume you are a member on our homepage (if not, you can do it here) and you have already given reviews on our products to get some extra credits at our e-store.

We have now come up with a program for our registered users where you can save up to get more!


We decided to give you money back for every purchase you make at our e-store, and it can be used to get a discount or cover 100% your next purchase at our e-store. Doesn’t it sound amazing?


We believe you want to know what you need to do for this. In a nutshell, look at the picture below:

Your member status

Your spendings

Your savings

Beginner (free to join)

from 20 and more

5% back


from 500 and more

6% back


from 1500 and more

7% back


Bonus money can be earned and used for all e-store products - full price and sale. Transportation costs will not be included in the savings calculation.

The balance of your bonus money can be checked from the e-store when logged in to your account. You are not obliged to use bonus money with each order. It can be collected and used to get a bigger discount later, but keep in mind that bonus money is valid for 180 days from the date you earned it (i.e. money earned on 1st of January will expire on 29th of June).

If you decide or for another reason your order gets canceled, you will be refunded the bonus money you used when placing your order and we will refund the extra bonus money you would have earned with the order (your bonus money balance will become negative if you have already spent the bonus money earned from your canceled order).