Responsible, Caring, Sustainable

Besides all the beauty, Marmara Sterling’s core mission is to be environment-friendly, which means we are following ecological principles at every stage of our processes, starting with sourcing sustainable materials, optimizing recyclability, and finishing with minimizing the impact of our operations. On top of that, we will contribute 0.5% of your credit card purchases to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Making the world a more beautiful place.

We believe that beautiful jewellery shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet’s future and that is why we design for a lifetime, giving the opportunity to combine our old and new collections with each other almost limitless times.




99% recycled silver

Marmara Sterling jewellery is exclusively all made from 99% recycled silver which helps to keep more precious resources in the ground for future generations.

99% recycled packing materials

The entire packaging and gift boxes are made from FSC-certified paper and cardboard which is 100% recycled resource and helps to protect the world’s forests by extending the lifespan of wood pulp, while also reducing waste.




We are partnering with an eco-innovating industrial designer and exploring plastic alternatives to eventually replace all the plastics and foams from our displays, merchandising and promotional materials, with greener options.
Our aim is to use 90% environment friendly materials in everything we do.