How long do I have to wait for my order to be fulfilled?
The goods ordered are normally sent out within 1-2, maximum 4 working days after receiving your order. Final delivery time will depend on the delivery method chosen and the local postal company if you order from abroad. In case the ordered goods are not in stock, the delivery time can be up to 2 weeks, but in these cases we will contact customers and inform them about the delay.

I have lost one earring, can I order just one earring from Marmara Sterling?
Yes, please let us know the model you have and we will sell you one earring.

Are all the metal parts sterling silver?
Yes, we are using solely 925 sterling silver for manufacturing our jewellery - that includes all the pendants, bails and earring hooks, only base aring springs and separators in few models of pearl bracelets ar made of stainless steel. Find out more about used materials here.

Do I have a warranty for my jewellery?
Yes, all Marmara Sterling jewellery has a 24-month warranty from the time of purchase. However, each case is considered individually and the case must comply with the terms of warranty service. For any related questions, please contact us in person at info@marmara.ee.

Why can't I make payment from my e-bank?
When making a payment, please remember that Marmara Sterling is a company registered in Estonia, which also has an Estonian bank account, and if payment is made from a bank account belonging to another country you must choose an international European payment method - the commission is usually charged depending on the bank rate.