How long do I have to wait for my order to be fulfilled?

The goods ordered are normally sent out within 2-4 working days after the working day following your order. Final delivery time will depend on the delivery method chosen and the local postal company if you order from abroad.  In case we do not have a specific item on stock, the delivery time can take up to 2 weeks.

Are the stones and crystals really genuine Swaorvski crystals?

Yes, all the crystals used for making Marmara Sterling jewelry are genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. However, not all materials used are SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, such as cat eye gemstones, etc.

Are all the metal parts sterling silver?

Yes, we are using solely 925 sterling silver for manufacturing our jewelry - that includes all the pendants, bails and earring hooks with the only exception of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rondelles used for making the bracelets.

I have lost one earring, can I order just one earring from Marmara Sterling?

No, we do not sell single earrings. You do not go to a shoe shop requesting to buy a single shoe, so you cannot do this with us either.

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