Introducing our new-look, sustainable and recyclable packaging.


Two totally new design boxes are joining the family and we have decided - you have the right to choose your favourite! Now on for all items suitable for new packaging, you can select your favourite box on the product card or shopping cart view.



Box colors/ideas of creation

Dear friend, as you already know, we love colors! We decided that it is time to bring colors to our boxes.
Selecting gifts is not always easy, but we do our best to make the process simple for you. Once you have found the right piece of jewellery, you can choose the exact box that is just right for you or the receiver of the gift. But which one is the “right” one?


Persikinė - our Original one!

Peach hues connote sweetness, friendliness, and warmth.

Also represent life, energy, fun, and inspiration.
Peach tone represents all of Marmara values and we loooove this color!
Maybe this reminds you of someone?



Hot pink -  “Meow, I mean Roar”

No more boring days! We want to make your day brighter and place some smile on you  - and this little treasury will come in help ….
This woman looks cute like a kitten but don’t underestimate her - a tiger is right behind that pink fluff …
Oh, she will love this box! Bright, beautiful and bold!
Color psychologists believe that you cannot help but feel a little joy when looking at pink, and it is often associated with hope and positivity.



Red - I dare you! …

Pashion is her fashion! Sexy, confident, powerful!
A woman who is magnificent and confident and bold and knows how to kill the red carpet with style and grace. A woman who won't leave anyone indifferent - it’s a statement and she knows it!



Jet Black - “If you are not sure - always go for black!”

Black is considered a classy and chic color. It is beautiful, serious, and strong in color. Black is both modest and arrogant. But you already know who’s the perfect woman to give it to, right?



...but actually, our boxes are "green".


Packaging. It’s on everybody’s lips right now. We all know the negative impact that packaging can leave on this planet.



Never forget that making small changes that reduce waste in your daily life can have a big impact, because it means every day that follows you’re reducing your footprint. Our goal is also to reduce our ecological footprint, so therefore all of our gift boxes bear the FSC label, which guarantees that boxes are made from recycled paper.


The impact of this change has been more than significant - with this small change we have saved approximately 1000  trees already!


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