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Marmara Sterling is all hand-made jewelry, combining high-quality European crystals with sterling silver findings. This means that the majority of design innovations and novelties originate from the latest trends in crystal shapes and colors. However, Marmara Sterling is dedicated to designing and producing also jewelry that is unique to our brand.

All our earrings, pendants and rings, as well as most of the other metal parts are manufactured of 925 sterling silver. Silver is called sterling silver if the silver content in the metal is equal to or more than 92,5% (hence the name 925 silver). Thus all of the jewelry bares the 925 stamp and also the name stamp of our company - this is required by the Estonian Law of Precious Metals.

As sterling silver oxidizes very easily turning the metal black, all of the silver parts in our jewelry are rhodium plated. Rhodium is a rare metal (in fact more expensive than gold!) that prevents the jewelry from oxidizing, so it will maintain its shiny look for a much longer period of time. Rhodium-plating is done by a process called electrolysis.

We have also in our selection a variety of jewelry for those who wear only gold - our sterling silver jewelry comes also gold-plated. This is done by a similar process as rhodium-plating except that 585 gold is used instead of rhodium.

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