Mother’s day campaign is valid from April 28 to May 8

The word "mother" is a magic word for a child in any language.

Mother’s Day has long been known as the day when we show love and gratitude to the women who raised us. In this holiday we honor and celebrate mothers and mother figures. We have put together some gift ideas to remember our dearest on this day.


185 229

Power Duo -19%

One complements the other!

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155 187

Hearts in Heaven -19%

A heartfelt wish to a loved one

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225 285

Violet Femmes -21%

Mystical as a woman

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199 252

Tender Sapphire -21%

Gentle but outstanding

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40 50

Elegant Emerald -20%

The charm and enchantment of green

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All white
jewellery -15%
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